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Installation Tutorials

   Trace edge of scoop onto mounting surface. You can also      place masking tape on mounting surface and make your      marks on the masking tape to procect your tape.

 Place any type of paint onto tip of all bolts.

  Carefully place scoop back on mounting surface, makeing      sure that scoop edges ligh up with marks made in step one.
  The paint will transfer to the mounting surface and indicate       drilling locations.
  Proceed to drill the marked holes. Work your way up in drill      sizes from small to big to prevent paint chips. Also, placing      masking tape on drill location helps prevent paint chips.
 Our scoops come with 1/4" bolts, but a slighly larger hole      makes installation easier.
  Lign up bolts with corresponding holes and push on the scoop      untill it sits flush agains mounting surface.
   Follow with bolts on the opposing side.
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