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Installation Tutorials

  Remove driver and passenger seat, then the tail section.

  Remove the 4 screws holding tailight in tail fairing. Use a        philips screwdriver.

  These bolts and hooks will need to be removed prior to      installation.
  Remove these screws in order to trim the stock plastic tray.
   The cargo hooks on subframe need to be cut- off. Use an      angle  grinder, dremel, or other tools to cut-off hooks.
  Optional: if you do not want to cut off the hooks you may trim      the undertail to clear the hooks and have them stick out.
   After you cut the hooks off you will have some remainder. It      is not required but the fitment of the undertail is better when      these remainders are cut down flush with the subframe.  
   Side shot of remaining aluminum cut off.
   Area marked in white shows plastic to be cut off to clear for      undertail.
   Cut using an angle grinder, hand saw, or other cutting tools.      We use a Dremel tool with a dimond carbide tip to remove the      plastic.
   Plastic tray trimmed.
   Push the tray up into the subframe unstill it touches the top      mounting points. This needs to be done in order for the      undertail to clear.
   The mounting points on the plastic tray were cut off so new       ones need to be made. Cut two holes in the back of your tray       and install zip ties in the location show to support the tray.
   In some cases a gap will form in the back of the undertail.      This can be fixed with the fastners that came with your      undertail.
   Put some masking tape on area to be drilled. Hold both the      undertail and tail section as you are drilling so that nothing      shifts. Start with a small drill and work your way up untill the      fastner fits.
   Tail light harness. The red, yellow and black correspond to the       colors of the wires on the undertail.
   Plug in the connectors as shown.
   Use the provided connectors for the turn signals.
  CAUTION: Do not switch the wires around during this step. Red     wires HAVE TO be connected to either the Green (Right +) or     Solid Black (Left +). The black wires for turns on the undertail     hook up to the Black with White stripe wires on the undertail.
   You may rest the undertail on the tire during the install as an       aid.
   After wiring is done slip the undertail and tail section on and      mount using provided fastners.
   Be very carefull wiring turn signal LED lights, reversing the      polarity will destroy the LED.
On Undertail
On Bike
Yellow - Running Lights Brown on 3 pin harness
Red - Brake Lights White/ black stripe on 3 pin har.
Black - Ground for Taillights Black/ white stripe on 3 pin har.
RED Left Turn Signal (+) Solid black (+)
RED Right Turn Signal (+) Light green (+)
Black L/R Turn Signal (-) Black/ white stripe (-)
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