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(Length x Width in inches)

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     27 L x 3 H
     37 L x 3 H
     38 L x 5 H
     39.5 L x 3 H
     40 L x 3.75 H
     40 L x 5 H
     40 L x 8 H
     41 L x 2 H
     44 L x 3 H
     48 L x 3 H
     49 L x 2.5 H
     54 L x 5 H
     54 L x 8 H
     87-93 Mustang 3"
     87-93 Mustang 5"


 Ram Air Long
     Vented Ram Air
     Camaro SS
     Vented Euro
     WRX STI
     Boss 429
     Mopar Six Pack

Small Scoops


    mini Style II


(Length x Width in inches)
    31 L x 7 H

    31 L x 9 H
    45 L x 10 H
    51 L x 13 H
    51 L x 13 H Big O

Bolt-On Scoops


    Boss 429
    Mopar Six Pack
    mini Style II


Bolt on Scoops



A bolt on version of several scoops has been developed. It also included the addition of a gasket around the edge of the scoop.


Ram Air Scoop + Larger Flanges



The old ram air scoop had limited space for molding a flange. Therefore, a new version was made with larger flanges. 


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Euro Scoop w/ Vents

picture preview




Overall Dimensions: 24 " L x 23" W x 1.5 " H
Dimensions include 1" flange.
Mesh grill comes pre-installed as shown in picture.
Material: hand laid fiberglass with blue surface gelcoat.


Shipping: $25.00

Option: Euro Scoop w/o Grill

Same scoop as above but without Grill


Shipping: $25.00



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