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Bolt on Scoops



A bolt on version of several scoops has been developed. It also included the addition of a gasket around the edge of the scoop.  


Ram Air Scoop + Larger Flanges



The old ram air scoop had limited space for molding a flange. Therefore, a new version was made with larger flanges. 


OEM Fit Race Upper



GSXR years 00-04 race uppers are finished. These versions can mount to factory OEM side fairings.  


Sponsoring University of South Florida



Race Composites has agreed to sponsor the Society of Automotive Engineers at USF. A composite formula body will be molded and painted. 

Contact Us

For questions please call (727) 488 6982
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Contact Info  

e-mail: info@racecomposites.com
phone: 727 488 6982

Phone contact is only for product questions, we do not accept orders over the phone.
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