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Bolt on Scoops



A bolt on version of several scoops has been developed. It also included the addition of a gasket around the edge of the scoop.  


Ram Air Scoop + Larger Flanges



The old ram air scoop had limited space for molding a flange. Therefore, a new version was made with larger flanges. 


OEM Fit Race Upper



GSXR years 00-04 race uppers are finished. These versions can mount to factory OEM side fairings.  


Sponsoring University of South Florida



Race Composites has agreed to sponsor the Society of Automotive Engineers at USF. A composite formula body will be molded and painted. 

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Race Composites



At Race Composites, the products manufactured set the standard in the fiberglass industry. Care is taken at every step from gelcoat application to final trim. If you are not satisfied with the product you receive, simply send it back for a refund. Learn more…






Gelcoat is a type of surface coat that produces the surface finish of a fiberglass part. Typical gelcoats are brittle and susceptible to cracking. In order to prevent this, we add a flex resin which allows the part to flex and take impacts without cracking.


Structural Design

fiber type

Parts that require structural strength such as our large scoops are reinforced with a triaxial fiberglass fabric in areas of high deflection and stress. This allows a good combination of strength and weight.


Research & Development


Currently we are conducting research on the optimization of vacuum infusion of sandwich fiber reinforced composites. This will allow us to apply what we learn into the production area and provide you with the strongest, lightest products available.


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